IT firm Capgemini and Sarthak Educational Trust on Friday announced the launch of 'CapSarathi' app that aims to empower the 10 crore differently-abled people in India. The app will act as a companion for persons with disabilities, right from early intervention to getting employment to their retirement plans.

The app will also be a one-stop solution for information such as government schemes and supports, online/offline training courses, assistive devices, scholarships and financial assistance for education and career, online resources like Braille online audio books, matrimonial services, among others.

It will also offer access to motivational stories of champions with disability.

The app is accessible for differently-abled users and their parents with various disability categories with six language support -- Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali.

"We have been working since 2008 and in the last 12 years, we have successfully reached out to 4 per cent (0.8 million) of disabled populace in India, and trained and placed 20,000 persons with disability. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarthak went a step ahead to scale its activities and within a week after the lockdown was announced, we had started online training programmes for members," Jitender Aggrawal, founder of Sarthak Educational Trust, said.

He added that since then, about 3,000 people with disabilities have been trained successfully through online sessions, out of which 1,000 people have landed a job.

"CapSarathi, our one-of-its- kind, path-breaking mobile app launched today is a joint initiative by Sarthak Educational Trust and Capgemini...The app will act as a companion to the persons with disabilities right from early intervention to getting employment to their retirement plans," he said.

The CapSarathi mobile app will cover 10 crore disabled population reaching out to 718 districts and 6,64,369 villages in India, he added.

Anurag Pratap, Vice President Digital Inclusion and Sustainability Leader at Capgemini, said when the company works to create solutions for a social problem and uses technology as an enabler for transformation, it always takes into consideration the challenges that the underprivileged and rural sections might be missing out on.

"The fact is that this application has special focus on people in rural areas and is available in six Indian languages is what makes me believe in this application," he added.

Pratap further stated that the objective has been to explore the challenges and opportunities for persons with disability in their everyday life including accessing livelihoods.

"With the many services that this application offers, we believe this application will open avenues and make their everyday life easier than before," he added.